Monlam 2010

 I have been joining the Kagyu Monlam live in cyberspace.

 His Holiness 17th Karmapa  gave the teachings from under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya and due the time difference of 6,500 miles a 6.00 am start time in Bodhgaya became 2.30 am Sussex time and due to work commitments I missed many of the teachings.  However I was able to join the sangha over the weekend and I found His Holiness’ cyber presence highly inspiring. 

The teachings are already available to watch in your own time at and I reckon it’s well worth a visit!  You can also view slideshows and a blog featuring summaries of each day and anecdotes about our present Karmapa and his predecessor HH 16th Karmapa.

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