New year message from Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Another year has passed like a dream.

We observed calamity after calamity.

Are we about to make our world unliveable

With our greed, short sightedness and ignorance?


Watching the Dalai Lama and a host of great beings

I find courage to look at the brighter side.

There is no use lamenting and losing heart.

We all have the fortune to choose what we do.


A little bird poured a mouthful of water on the forest fire.

“This may not put down the fire,” she said,

“But I like to be counted among those who tried to help”.

Let us do something that might help us and our fellow beings.


What an immense challenge we face!

What a great opportunity we have!

With a joyful smile and heart filled with kindness

Let us embrace the challenges of the coming New Year.


Wishing you a most wonderful new year in 2011.


Ringu Tulku



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