Ajahn Kovida visits Bosham House


Public talk – Awareness and Insight on Saturday May 21st May 2-4pm Hamblin Hall event: (01243 572109)

 Meditation day – Sunday 22nd May

10 am – 12 pm,  2 pm – 4 pm Bodhicharya Buddhist Group event:  (Pema, 07824 533093)

Sister Kovida is a Theravaden Buddhist nun from the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah and has trained both at Amaravati in Hertfordshire and Cittaviveka in West Sussex.

 ‘My practice is following the Buddha’s teaching of the Four Noble Truths. From this I offer guidance in developing awareness and insight into how we suffer and the way out of suffering. 

I emphasise Right Attitude in how to undertake this contemplative practice. That is the kind of effort and compassion that supports us in observing our minds. Through this we can see how conditioned habits of thinking and emotion affect our lives. Rather than trying to override these habitual tendencies I offer guidance in firstly becoming more aware of them and then seeing the underlying perceptions, attitudes and beliefs that hold them in place. All of this begins to loosen the hold of these patterns and our identification with them.’

 The day will have guided meditations and reflections on becoming more present with what is arising in this present moment and will be held at: 

 Hamblin Hall, Bosham House, Main Road, Bosham, Nr Chichester, PO18 8PJ, UK

 Please bring a lunch to share or something for yourself.

 Venue details and directions:


This General Area Map shows the local towns and roads within about ten miles of Bosham House. (The arrow points to Bosham House)

For roads within the immediate vicinity of Bosham House view the Local Area Map (the open red circle marks Bosham House).


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