Bodhicharya Buddhist Group

BBG is a Tibetan Buddhist group which began meeting in 1998.  The group is under the guidance of Tibetan lama Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, who lives in Sikkim and visits the UK each summer.  Rinpoche’s extensive traditional training has included studying with lamas of all the Tibetan traditions, his main teachers being HH the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa and HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

We meet regularly at Bosham House near Chichester, Sussex, UK for practice and study and welcome guest teachers and speakers from all the Buddhist traditions.  Meetings are friendly and informal and open to all who share a spirit of enquiry and an interest in Buddhist studies and meditation.  People are encouraged to arrive early to relax with a cup of tea and take a look at the books and other items in the Himalayan Imports shop, the lending library and the information board displaying notices of ‘what’s on’ in the Buddhist world locally and nationally.  There are no fixed fees for BBG events; however donations are requested towards expenses.

BBG is linked to Bodhicharya, an international association of friends and students of Ringu Tulku.  Registered as a non-profit association in Belgium, Bodhicharya’s aims include promoting a range of activities such as translating and publishing Buddhist teaching materials and supporting educational and health projects in Tibet, especially at Rigul in Eastern Tibet. For more details please see the websites


www.bodhicharya.org.                                                                                                             or  contact Ian on  01903 733958  Email ian@secretary.plus.com

BBG facilitator: Ian Stuart,

46b Lyminster Road, Littlehampton,

West Sussex, BN17 7LB

Phone 01903 733958

Email ian@secretary.plus.com

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