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Ringu Tulku visit to Bosham Thursday 9th July 7pm

July 4, 2015

Just a final reminder that we are hosting our Lama, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on Thursday 9th July at 7pm

The talk is entitled Overcoming obstacles to meditation and admission will be by donation


The Hamblin Hall, Bosham House, Main Road, Bosham, West Sussex

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche at Bosham House 2013

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche at Bosham House 2013



Ven Rinchen at Bosham 14th May

April 29, 2015


Hot on the tails of Lama Zangmo’s visit last month, we are pleased to welcome Venerable Rinchen again – Thursday 14th May at Hamblin Hall, Bosham House starting 7.30 prompt.  He will be teaching on Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche’s pith instructions for the Dzogchen meditation.  Rinchen is based in the Caribbean where he runs Bodhicharya groups for Ringu Tulku Rinpoche.

Dzogchen is a Tibetan word that means Great Perfection. On the outer level it refers to a method of meditative practice that enables us to recognize our true nature. Ultimately, great perfection is that very nature: the natural, primordially pure nature of mind. (Lama Surya Das)

BBG AGM Thursday 30th April 7.30

April 21, 2015

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 30th April, 7.30 at Hamblin Hall, Bosham House.

It’s a normal meeting with an opportunity to hear what’s happening and what’s planned for our group, do come along, all are welcome.

Lama Zangmo’s visit to Bosham – Fear Not!!

March 28, 2015

Last Thursday at our usual topic evening we explored some aspects of fear. We began to realise how pervasive and subtle fear can be, and how much it can dominate our thoughts and behaviour. Lucky then that we have Lama Zangmo visiting us in April, as she will be talking about Freedom from the Sixteen Fears, traditionally an element of the Green Tara Practice.

Lama Zangmo will be with us on Thursday 16th April at Bosham House. The meeting will start promptly at 19.30. All welcome. Suggested donation (optional) to cover travel costs etc: £5 – £10.

Lama Zangmo 2

Lama Gelongma Zangmo first became a practising Buddhist when she arrived at Kagyu Samye Ling in 1977 and took refuge with His Holiness the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. She became ordained as a Buddhist nun in the 1980s, and the first person in the UK to be honoured with the title of Lama by Samye Ling in June 2001. Lama Zangmo is currently Abbott at Kagyu Samye Dzong in London.



Ringu Tulku 2015 visit and further dates for your diary

February 17, 2015

Excellent news about Rinpoche visiting extensively in the UK in July, including a visit to Bosham on Thursday 9th July. Details to be arranged.

Further dates for your diary: 

Thursday 16th April Lama Zangmo, Abbot of the Samye Dzong Centre in London
Bosham House at 7.30pm  Topic – The Sixteen Fears or Dangers

Sunday 7th June Chamtrul Rinpoche
Bosham House 3.00 – 5.00.Topic – The Seven-Branch Practice for Accumulating Merit

Tsering Paldron visit 16th October

September 15, 2014

I am pleased to announce a visit to our group by Tsering Paldron on Thursday October 16th.

She will be giving a teaching at our regular venue: The Hamlin Hall, Bosham House, Bosham from 7.30 to 9.00.

All are welcome to attend, we ask that you give a donation to cover costs.

Tsering Paldron was born in Lisbon, Portugal and traveled to Brussels at the age of 19 where she met Lama Kunzang. Her spiritual journey started in 1973. She did a three years’ retreat in the 80’s in France and has received teachings from many Tibetan lamas. She has been teaching and traveling for the past 20 years, wrote a few books (none of them yet published in English). She gives regular courses, seminars, talks and meditation classes and is in charge of Bodhicharya Portugal.

HH Karmapa webcasts

June 5, 2014

You can see Karmapa’s teachings in Germany on live webstream and recordings are also available.

Next webcast 1.00pm Friday 6th June

See if you can spot a familiar figure translating!

Click here to link.

Recordings of Rinpoche’s 2013 teachings

May 12, 2014

You can listen to or download and save these recordings of Rinpoche speaking about Buddha Nature at Bosham House in 2013.

First session  15/06/2013 morning

Second session 15/06/2013 afternoon

Third session 16/06/2013 morning

Fourth session 16/06/2013 afternoon




Ringu Tulku teaching in London

April 20, 2014

Ringu Tulku will be teaching over the weekend of 3rd and 4th May at Samye Dzong in Bermondsey, London.

Click here  to link with the Samye Dzong website for more details and to book a place.  You will need to scroll right down to the bottom on the page to book via the Paypal button.

Saturday’s teaching will be the Kagyu lineage and the Sunday teachings are on the Four Seals of Mahamudra.

We are hoping Rinpoche will return to the UK for more teaching dates later in the summer and will post details when we hear more.

The text following is from the Samye Dzong website:

The forefathers in the Kagyu lineage are known as the “Golden Rosary.” The lineage of the Kagyu emphasizes the continuity of oral instructions passed on from master to student. This emphasis is reflected in the literal meaning of “Kagyu.”

The Four Seals of Mahamudra are the four main principles of Buddhism and are sometimes also called the ‘Four Keys of the Buddha’s teaching’. These four main principles that mark a doctrine as Buddhist are:

  1. All composite things are impermanent
  2. All that is tainted entails suffering
  3. Realization is Peace
  4. All phenomena are devoid of independent entity




New website for BBG

March 29, 2014

We have revamped and updated our website.

It is still at the same address: and in addition to the previous pages and features will be hosting audio teachings from Rinpoche and other visiting teachers.

The new site is up and running and will be growing over the next few weeks as we refine and add to the pages.

Do take a look and send any feedback via the “contact us” page on the site.

We still don’t have dates for Rinpoche’s visit to the UK this year, however he will be attending HH Dalai Lama’s teachings in Germany and HH Karmapa’s teachings, also in Germany.Additionally Rinpoche is at the Kagyu Monlam in France and the Bodhicharya Summer School, so he does have a busy summer planned already!

We will post details as they arise……