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Thank you Lama Zangmo

April 29, 2015

BBG was very pleased to host Lama Zangmo from Samye Dzong in London a couple of weeks ago at our Thursday meeting, and also delighted to see so many people! We hope everyone enjoyed the evening and the topic The Sixteen Fears and their remedies. We learnt from Lama Zangmo that these appear in the Green Tara practice, and refer to external and internal fears or dangers. Some of the external fears have changed since the time the text was written (not so many lions and poisonous snakes in England these days), but we can find plenty of our own: pollution, cars, war, environmental threats, crime….each one of us can add to this list. But of course the essence of the teaching is about our internal world, since external change can only happen after internal change. The basis of all our negative emotions is fear – a natural part of being human. Lama Zangmo told us that a good way of measuring our progress in mind-training is whether our negative emotions and behaviour are decreasing. No doubt some days we might take a little step forward, others a giant leap backwards…The eight inner fears are represented by external symbols – such as the elephant of ignorance or the snake of jealousy. We were urged to use the symbols as a way of contemplating the impact of our negative feelings, and were given ways to overcome them, such as generosity and humility, which don’t always rush to us in the heat of the moment! Thank you Lama Zangmo for a lovely talk – let’s hope she will come again soon. In the meantime there are plenty of excellent teachings on offer at Samye Dzong – programme here.