Video Links

These links are from a variety of sources and are publicly available – the source is quoted where possible.  Some of the films may be controversial and challenging; please exercise caution and look after yourself!  You are very welcome to email with suggestions for further links.

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on meditation – 

Benjamin Smythe –  a radical and alarming teacher, but he does speak truth!  A collection of videos and TV programmes devoted to Ancient civilisations  Thanks to the West Wight Sangha for this collection of videos and TV programmes on Buddhist themes.  Of particular note is the BBC film ‘The life of the Buddha’.  The first in a series of historical films from the early sixties about the Tibetan diaspora by Arnaud Desjardins.  I found these films moving and inspirational.

A brilliant work by British Film Institute – a very rare footage of 1930’s Tibet (part four includes scenes from the very first Kalachakra Initiation given by His Holiness Dalailama when he was 16y.o.) upgraded to HD quality. A true masterpiece. Hope the links will work.

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